Is Life Coaching for Me?

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1. I want a change in my lifeÖ I want to move from where I am to where I really want to beÖ!  
2. I want to develop, confirm and/or implement a personal and/or a couplesí life vision that accurately reflects my/our values and purpose.  
3. I want to live my/our dream - personally, professionally or in my/our marriage.  
4. I want to experience more passion, fulfillment or joy.
5. I want to take ownership of Godís plan for me, and put His Purpose and the Gifts He gave me into motion.  
6. I want to be more successful.  
7. I want to create possibilities and produce results.  
8. I want to live out my priorities.  
9. I want to be a champion at something.  

Do you identify with one or more of these?

Have you tried to do it on your own without success?

Are you ready to actually do it?

You could likely benefit from hiring a professional Coach.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Di Life Coach.

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