Get Started with Dr. Di!!!

First of all, get ready for challenge and fun!

Call Dr. Di at 505-280-4295 or email me at to arrange your first appointment.  Fees will be discussed with you at that time.

You will be sent an Intro Packet to complete and return prior to your initial session. This will include a questionnaire with some questions which will hopefully get you started honing in on areas of life focus.

Typically coaching sessions are 40-45 minutes, and can be either in person or over the phone. When couples, colleagues or families are in joint Coaching sessions, conference calls will be arranged.

You can schedule based on your perceived need. Initially there are usually a minimum of two to three sessions per month over a 3 to 6 month period, depending on your goals.

You will be provided with tools for on-going evaluation of your progress. You are encouraged to keep a copy of your own records to keep your challenges and successes evident.

Payment is due at the beginning of each month prior to delivery of services. (Check or cash only...Credit card options are in process).

More details regarding the Life Coaching process is available in my Intro Packet.

I look forward to working with you!